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Dope Soul

Do you have a dope soul? I bet your asking what having a dope soul means.

Dope Soul is a saying used to describe someone positive, or someone with a positive

attitude and energy. When a person has Positive energy it means they have an attitude

that is encouraging, productive, and beneficial. You know I am all about the Positive, the Motivating, the Socially Conscious. So let's just say we are all about being a Dope Soul! We should thrive to exhibit this positive energy

often do so by: Being kind and generous. Believing that good things will always happen.

Having positive energy or the slang term vibe is also a part of having a dope soul.

If someone has good vibes, it means they are creating positive emotion/thought and

vibrations. When you vibe well with someone it means that you are both creating similar

emotion/thought vibrations (these could be positive or negative vibrations) but when it

comes to being dope we are only talking about positive. Have you ever met someone

that doesn't have a dope soul? Chile, my advice to you is stay far away! Negative and toxic energy is what they usually have. If you are asking "How do you know if you have positive vibes or how can i get positive vibes let me tell


1. Make God a Priority!

2. Be Honest.

3. Be True and Kind to Yourself.

4. Use Positive Words.

5. Smile More. ...

6. Practice Gratitude. ...

7. Work Towards Accomplishing a Goal. ...

Representing yourself as having a dope soul is so important ,why you ask because It

takes the focus off of you and your problems, and allows you to be a positive force in

the lives of others. Doing good for others makes you feel good. It lifts your mood,

improves self esteem and self-worth. It also serves as a small distraction from your

current challenges. This will bring to other people's attention on how important it is.

How do i represent this you ask, by heading over to designs by tee website and

purchasing a dope soul t- shirt.

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