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My name is Josmerly Valerio and I’ve been in the social work field/career for over 10 years. Nixzmary’s Brown story inspired me to to choose this career after reading about her story back when I was in High school. Her story sparked an interest in Social Work and the impact it has on the communities we serve and help. I’ve had the opportunity to work with school aged children, with students who were at risk of dropping out of high school, in a group home setting with teenage boys, child welfare, preventive services, parenting skills training and workforce training program. All of these experiences have prepared me to provide the utmost service to my clients, always advocating for their rights, empowering the client, educating the client, applying the code of ethics and implementing a solution focused approach to ensure that the client reaches at least one goal they set, if not all goals. These experiences have motivated me to begin my own businesses as an entrepreneur. I currently have two business that are slowly growing,  but I am very optimistic and hopeful about. 

My first business is called “Mommy’s Break”, which is a weekend child care service. It’s a service for the parents during the weekend, where is provides them with an opportunity to “take a break” while their child(ren) is being taken care of and they can go run errands, rest, meet with friends or simply take a break. My goal is to educate the children with a structured curriculum designed by me while advocating self-care for parents. Due to Covid-19, the child care services is on hold, which meant I had to think outside the box and think how could I bring support to Moms virtually who are currently quarantining with their children while homeschooling and working from home? Sounds like a lot, right?! Yes I know, because I'm a mom too! So I created a virtual space that brings Moms together to “take a break” and “wine” about motherhood. I named it “Mommies That Wine”, presented by Mommy’s Break. 

My second business is called “Lead To Empower”, which offers career readiness seminars. I design the curriculums with a strength-based, empowering and solution focused approach. This allows me to provide the tools women need to be successful, both personal and professionally. I also offer coaching and mentoring services to young adult females, ages 18-24. I like to challenge young adults to thoroughly think about their short and long term goals and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone to create results that will in the end empower them and be successful with goals met. 

Both of my business comes with my knowledge of being in the field for over 10 years, meeting different families from different backgrounds, cultures, needs, concerns and crises. I always meet the client where they are, but also encourage them to go where they want to be even if they begin with crawling, and eventually running to reach their goals, also known as treatment goals/plans. Every step counts! 

I am very passionate about the work I do and the career I’ve chosen. Social Work continues to Elevate! 

Josmerly Valerio

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