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Grateful, grateful......

When you have gratitude, it makes life more enjoyable. Gratitude is simply being thankful. Gratitude is such a positive emotion; it is all about focusing on what is good in our everyday life. When you are thankful you are showing appreciation and kindness. Gratitude is stopping to notice and value what we often take for granted. Some things we make take for granted are our family, friends, being alive, having a place to stay or having clean clothes. Practicing gratitude is as simple as telling someone you love them and how much you appreciate them or cooking meals with love by thinking about the people you will feed. As said before gratitude makes life more enjoyable but that is not the only thing it does. It also brings such positive and overwhelming happy emotions. Having positive emotions are such an important part of life because it helps with growing your mindset and developing a better attitude. Having Gratitude can improve your health by helping you stress less and appreciate life more. Gratitude can also help build strong relationships with friends and family. Even though we should practice gratitude everyday there is a special day where we should show it and that day is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day that we celebrate with our family and friends and acknowledge the blessings of the past year. This day we spend time with our loved ones, give thanks and show each other so much love. Most cultures do this around a big feast while sitting with each other and enjoying each other’s company. Some foods that cultures have in common on thanksgiving are turkey, ham, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and sweet potato pie. Others may have a religious service or a parade. A way to show gratitude on thanksgiving is by helping set the table, helping to cook in the kitchen, being excited about service or pausing to really appreciate your surroundings at the parade. When you are not expressing gratitude, you are not allowing yourself to be open to receiving or giving love. Everyone should want and deserves love. People do not realize how much love is in gratitude and when you lack this it can build up negative thoughts or even depression. When we don’t express this it can not only effect you it can also effect the loved ones around you because they may feel you don’t appreciate them and you are not thankful for them to be in your life. These actions can cause the negativity to pass on to others and that would be a terrible thing. We often may feel uncomfortable when we try to express such an emotion because we’re not sure how to do so or not sure of the right thing to say. There is no wrong way to show you are thankful for someone just try and think about how you would want someone to show they are thankful for you. You have so many ways now put them into effect. Laugh more, love more, and pause to recognize what you have.

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