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Three years later and the words Queen, Royalty, Chosen are still resonating with me so powerfully. I want a crown with powerful words, I told him. He just looked at me and shook his head, so go ahead, and design it!  I started this t-shirt line initially as a fund raising venture, not knowing it will propel me into one of the greatest challenges I have yet to face. It has allowed me to express myself, my voice and tap into a creative side I really didn’t know existed. Women often say that we are worthy and we queens, we are royal and we are chosen, but do we truly understand the power behind these words? Yes, even with the current political climate we manage to know that our lives matter, we are Queens, our birth right is to be beautiful and absolutely flawless. Life throws us lemons at times and as women we adapt and learn how to make lemonade.             Women are often undervalued in society. There is historical context here. I wanted women, not just African American women to be reminded of our importance and also our value. We are chosen to bear children. 10 lb. babies are carried within our wombs for 9 months, I think we all deserve a crown for this. God saw fit that we are appropriate to be supportive and nurturing to both our children and our husbands. God saw fit that we shape hearts and minds. When we are poured into, we are able to give so much more than we are given. This design captures our true essence. The crown is worn on our head to adorn us. It's a symbol that we should be celebrated and honored, respected and adored. Our beauty radiates from within.             Now we know I am faith based all the way, so there is usually some spiritual notion behind what I am doing and or saying. This concept can be traced back to biblical days. Queen Sheba was one of the first named/known queens. In the original story, she brings a caravan of valuable gifts for the Israelite King Solomon. Not only was she beautiful but she also had great wisdom. Beauty was not just an external factor it was the MAIN factor. Women’s beauty radiated from within. They spoke beautiful words, and carried themselves with grace and elegance.

We are a chosen people a royal priesthood. Every time I hear the word royal, this is what comes to mind. A monarchy. Queens.

I have met the most amazing women while launching Designs by Tee LLC. I decided to have a photoshoot to celebrate women that I have met at various journeys of my life.

Author: Tamara Dopwell- Chief Creative Officer Designs by Tee LLC Photo Credits: Dani Hinks Photography Location: DUMBO Brooklyn

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