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How to start your own
Tee-Shirt line

View our offerings and choose one that you think would help you start, stabilize, and scale your very own tee business! 

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Ultimate Tee-Shirt Business Planner and Tools - $9.99

Take advantage of these ready templates that you can use for your own tee-shirt business! 

  • Business Plan/ Business Overview

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Target Audience Identification/ Description

  • Goal Setting Form

  • Brand Board

  • Marketing Checklist

  • Sales Program

  • Income and Expense Tracker


How to Start a Tshirt Line Ebook - $99

This eBook is the perfect guide for beginners in the tee-shirt business industry. Learn essential tips and tools that would help you start your own        tee-shirt company. Click here to get this ebook.

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Foundations of Tee Shirt Building - $999

Bring your vision to reality! When you avail of this course, you will have access to templates, vendor lists, and key information that may take you over one year to figure out on your own.

Register here

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Do you want to start your own t-shirt line? 

                                                  In this one-day intensive class, the following will be covered: 
  • Overview: Registering LLC
  • Designing Logo
  • Trademark Process
  • Pre-Launch Steps
  • Sales/ Marketing Strategy
  • Lunch
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Staying Organized
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sample Bundle Package
Are you struggling to put together a brand?
Or are you having trouble executing your brand vision? 

I could help you in these areas! 

Typical process is as follows: 
1. Consultation
2. Logo Design
3. Identification of Business Plan/ Model
4. Identification of Products and Services
5. Revisions
6. Production Team 
7. Coaching & Support 
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