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I wanted to start 2021 on the highest note possible. 2020 ended with lots of sadness and loss. The political climate does not help at times. When we look at the external environment we may become overwhelmed with negative thoughts. These negative thoughts can in turn end up being negative emotions. To experience Joy is to have the feeling of great pleasure or happiness. With the current state of America we need our children and families to be full of Joy. As much Joy as possible. Covid has had us feeling many low and somber emotions. Lack of sunlight can contribute to feelings of sadness. Long winter days make it difficult for us to experience positive emotions.

The feeling of joy may take two forms: passive and active. Both forms of joy are associated with an increase in energy and feelings of confidence and self-esteem. Joy is an emotion comprised of feelings of happiness, contentment, and harmony. It differs from general happiness in that it is not caused by a particular event but come from within the individual. How do we allow ourselves to experience this level of emotion? Joy exists beyond a particular moment. Joy is in and of itself like a lifestyle.

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