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A Mother's Words on LOVE

How can we perfect the love walk during this time of crisis and pandemic? Love is an itch in the heart that cannot be scratched. Love is a many splendid thing! In these trying times of crisis, how can we comfort each other? What services are we rendering to one another? Love makes our actions and gifts useful. We can find hope in the midst of despair. The Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 13 that love is the most important factor in perfecting the love walk. Love is not directing emotions to our selves inwardly but true love is directing our thoughts and emotions to assisting others outwardly in this time of crisis. By reassuring others that there is hope in the midst of despair. We have to know that there is success in the midst of failure, when we feel lost that there is a way to navigate ourselves back home to our operating center. Let love penetrate your thoughts and emotions until it saturates your every being. Let love be without dissimilation. Love has no barriers, no boundaries, love knows no wrong. Use the love key to open any door, to solve any problem, to leap over walls, jump over hurdles, break down any barriers and pull down strongholds.

No one has the power to hurt you, because you are not ruled by emotions, you are ruled by love.

Written by Dr. Patricia Phillip D Th(Theology)

Patricia Phillip is mother to Tamara Dopwell, owner of Designs by Tee.

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