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Allow me to Introduce our Brand Ambassador of 2020

Brand Ambassador: Keri-Ann

Keri-Ann is founder and CEO of Keri Solutions, a transformational

coaching, marketing, and communication consulting company dedicated

to unleashing one’s inner power through clarity, consistency, and

confidence. She is the author of the book “Chipping Away At the Mask:

How I Overcame Self-doubt and Limiting Beliefs to Experience My

Authentic Self!”

Keri-Ann was born in Kingston, Jamaica and migrated to New York City,

where she enjoyed a brief modeling career. In 2003, She graduated with

honors from Bronx Community College with a degree in business

administration and from Baruch College’ Zicklin School of Business with

a degree in marketing and a minor in communication studies in 2005.

She also earned her master’s degree with honors in business

administration with a concentration in marketing at Ashford University in


Keri-Ann worked for several years within the Early Intervention Industry

building and maintaining vital community relationships and helping to

deliver much-needed therapeutic solutions to special needs children.

During this time, with her desire to becoming an entrepreneur and love

for self-care and beauty, she also joined forces with Mary Kay to enrich

the lives of others and unleash self-confidence through pampering

sessions, skincare product offerings, and education. 

Keri-Ann’s leadership was recognized in 2016 when she was awarded

her first Mary Kay car, a Chevy Cruze. That same year she debuted as a

Mary Kay Independent Sales Director by consistently delivering record-

setting results, while mentoring and inspiring others to achieve above

and beyond their wildest dreams. 

After going through a divorce and being involved in a car accident, eight

months later, she decided to resign from her corporate job in June 2017, 

as a result of injuries she incurred from the accident. During this time,

she began writing her first book and creating her business plan to launch

her first company in July 2017; which she did! While continuing to build

her coaching and consulting business, she decided to leverage the

wealth of knowledge she gained in academia and professionally. She

began working for a nonprofit organization that helps young people and

adults with alternatives to incarceration and mental health services.

In October of 2019, she was hit yet again with some devastating news.

She was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. Being the resilient

woman she is, she fights each day by remaining positive and hopeful

through her faith, self-care and being involved with support groups and

organizations which help to bring awareness of such causes like cancer

and autism.

Keri-Ann consistently seeks to attain balance in all areas of her life;

particularly spiritual, family and career. Such focus has enabled her to

help others to unleash their untapped potential, and rise above their

unique challenges as she herself has does during her most difficult


She believes, “The challenges you face is your calling to greatness;

embrace the pain and grow from the experience”-Keri-Ann Knight

When she is not working, Keri-Ann enjoys sharing valuable time with her

three amazing boys—Matthew, Michael, and Marcus—who inspires her

to remain true to her values every day. Keri-Ann enjoys helping others.

She takes pride in giving back to the underserved and vulnerable


She is passionate about giving back to her community. She expresses

this passion through giving back to her community both locally and

abroad. She does annual toy and clothing drives; pamper those in

domestic violence shelters and senior homes among other volunteer


Inspiring, empowering and serving others is her mission, passion and

her calling.


Keri Solutions LLC

Founder & CEO | Author | Transformational Life Coach | Motivational Speaker | Marketing Strategist & Business Consultant

IG: wonderfullymadekeri 

FB: keriannknight

I invite you to check out her book, "Chipping Away At the Mask”

"...all things are possible with God."-Mark 10:27

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