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Black Mental Wellness: Here & Now

Brothers, how y'all feeling? Sisters, how y'all’ feeling? Children, how y'all’ feeling? What a time to be alive! Within the last few months, the world has experienced several pandemics: COVID 19, the impact of Structural Racism and an Economic Crisis. Our lives have been shifted, systems have been shaken and the revolution is being televised! This time has been marked with death, sickness, uncertainty and genocide. As gloomy as that sounds-this is the reality. Now what do we do with all of this? How can we process these changes and manage our emotions? 

Speaking to someone is a good step. As a therapist, I share the benefits of therapy with others but I also acknowledge that other types of community support exist. Whatever you choose- do what feels good to your spirit and is helpful for your soul. It’s better to start somewhere as opposed to dealing with it on your own. Let’s be honest- it usually isn’t in our best interest and we function better with support. More importantly, we deserve it! We are seeing innocent people that look like us being killed at the hands of law enforcement. Remote learning and remote work has become the norm. Masks are the new accessory and we have limited physical interactions with our loved ones. That’s a lot to process in addition to everything else going on in life.  

Do you have a safe space where you can be yourself, speak your truth and receive genuine support? As a Black therapist, I center the experiences of Black children and teens and I’m unapologetic about showing up and showing out for those that look like me. It’s powerful to see someone that looks like you, can relate to you and understands your experiences while you heal. Therapy is sacred and Black Healing is a form of resistance that is capable of breaking generational curses that have limited our ability to thrive. My role in this movement is necessary and I am grateful to support children and teens as they regulate their emotions and conquer life’s challenges.

As a people, we are resilient, loving, loyal, creative and our souls need to be nurtured. We aren’t responsible for what we experience but we are responsible for preserving our mental health and healing.  As uncertain as this time is, we can take this moment to evaluate aspects of our lives, become more clear about our purpose, self reflect and be still when needed. Wishing you  health, strength, clarity and a powerful testimony to share with the world! 

Danielle (pronounced Duh-neil) is the Owner and Clinical Director of Uplifting Hearts Counseling- a private therapy practice located in NYC offering online counseling services to children, teens and families. Danielle is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) , Certified Anger Management Specialist ( CAMS-II) and a Certified Grief Counseling Specialist (CGCS) 

Facebook  & IG @upliftingheartscounseling 

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