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Broken People

What does it mean to be broken? Why are people broken?

This leads to me resonate on my years of clinical experience. Trauma lays at the core of our emotions. When individuals have been through trauma and other ill life events it leads to distortion in thoughts and ultimately chemical imbalances. This then shows up as a broken person. Angry, bitter, resentful, distrustful and all negative attributes.

How can one be fixed if we don't even know that we are broken? What if you were born into life circumstances and you were never afforded a chance to be whole. Born into a broken home, by broken parents, being serviced by a broken system.

Broken is having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order. Can you imagine never being whole to begin with.

As a Christian I know that God ultimately can heal this brokenness. But each day is a fight. A fight for your happiness. A fight for your mental wellness. You have to work twice as hard to feel okay. Self care takes twice as much work. Self love is a constant battle.

Songs like this remind me that there is a higher purpose and God loves broken people. This is so comforting, knowing that there is non judgmental love being poured out and into you. You just have to believe you are worthy of this love and embrace it. Seek it out, look for it daily. Manifest this love deep within your heart and it will transcend into other areas of your life.

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