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Dreams without Goals

Remaining motivated takes work. You have to work toward it day after day. It is not always easy but it is definitely worth it. What dreams do you have that you have not accomplished? Do you feel stuck? Write it down, a dream without a deadline is just that a dream. But when you write down what you want to accomplish and the steps that are required to accomplish it you can meet this goal. Are you worried about failing? So what, you fail. This video by Denzel is one I listen to periodically. I listen when I first conceptualize a goal, I listen again when I am taking the steps toward accomplishing the goal. Even after achieving the goal I listen. We must learn to silence our doubt and have our internal voice over-ride negative thoughts. Even the most successful people have doubts, but they master the art of working past it. Do it even if your not sure or you are afraid.

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