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Firing Of Neurons For The Love Of God

Understanding how mental health and spirituality related to each other.

Mental health is a debilitating condition that affects a good proportion of people in the world. Several mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD, ADHD, and many others are faced by many people.

Is Spirituality And Mental Health The Same?

Mental health is the consequence of physical state of the brain. Mental health can be altered through medications and elevated to a better level. Spirituality, more or less being in a state of good mental health. However, the ways to reach them both are different. While good mental health can be achieved through medications, spirituality takes time to develop through practices like self-realization and meditation.

Does Religion Help Or Hurt Mental Health?

The role of religion can either have a curing or worsening effect on the person facing mental disorder. In the former case, the affected person, when not being able to think clearly, religion can act as an agent that can fill the person’s current consciousness, thus giving them a frame of reference to operate in the day to day life.

On the other hand, when the person’s mind is completely disoriented, religion might even act as a hindrance for the person’s mental wealth. The introduction of religion can lead to more confusion since the person grasping for a frame of reference might even see reality in a more distorted way.

Homelessness, Spirituality and Mental Health.

This brings us to the topic of homelessness. Homelessness can be a major reason for depression amongst the homeless. If the person has been very religious in the formative years of his life, he is more likely to allude his failures to the lack of devotion towards God. On the other hand, those with a lack of belief in spirituality may see the situation from a human-oriented and controlled string of situations.

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