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Haitian American Author Cindy Similien Creates A Children's Book

Haitian American Author Cindy Similien Creates A Children's Book to Help Toddlers Go To Sleep During Coronavirus Pandemic At the onset of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, adults have had trouble going to sleep. Imagine what children have to face. It's hard for them, too. Sleep is essential for a child's mental and physical development. To make bedtime a memorable and fun experience for both parent and child during these unprecedented times, Haitian American Author Cindy Similien decided to write a book called "Good Night, Baby Baby" along with Filipino Illustrator Jeric Tan.  The book is a beautifully illustrated story about a boy who receives the gifts of love, courage, and happiness. It is sure to be a family favorite. "Good Night, Baby Baby" also addresses the issues of diversity and multiculturalism in children's literature. The main character is a young boy of mixed heritage who has an African-American mother. Other featured characters are Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, etc.

Ms. Similien said, "COVID-19 has affected every single individual across the world. It knows no color. I wrote this book to inspire, encourage, and empower both adults and children from every race and nationality. A good night's rest makes for a better tomorrow."

The illustrator, Mr. Tan, currently lives in the Philippines that has had nearly 15,000 Coronavirus cases. He shared, "My mission is to simply make people happy, and bring a smile to their faces using whatever resources I have to create something beautiful." 

Ms. Similien is also the recent recipient of the Citizens Committee of New York City's "2020 All In Neighborhood" Award that is given to leaders who are empowering their communities by providing COVID-19 relief.  In addition to helping  families create better sleep routines, she is also planning to give mental health and wellness packages and provide economic opportunities to the youth in her community. She said, "I want to remind them that their future is not on hold, that they can always prepare for a better tomorrow."

- An online book launch event is scheduled for  Thursday, June 4, 2020, at 6:00pm. To sign up, visit:

"Good Night, Baby Baby" is now available on Barnes & Noble.

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