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How do we go from Surviving to Thriving?

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

So to survive is to continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship. To thrive on the other hand is to grow or develop well or vigorously. So we all know what it means to live our best life. To live unapologetically, to live up to our fullest potential. I think to move from survival to thriving is to live in your purpose. Accepting your God given talent and potential and perfecting your craft. Whatever that craft may be. You understand who you are, the journey you are on and the person you are required to be. Not necessarily by society's standards but by the standards God has set for your life. So to my universe believers, whatever the universe has set for you.

2022 Healers summit has placed me amongst some of the visionaries in this space and has really permitted me space to share some of my techniques and tips in moving from mere survival to ultimately thriving.

Mental health therapy is a major form of healing. When we adjust our thinking and thought process we can gain insight into our life and our negative thoughts and feelings, heal through trauma and ultimately move from surviving to thriving. We can address the negative and self-defeating thoughts that far too often keep us shackled by fear. The thing that does not even exist can gain so much power over us that it cripples us. That is not thriving, that is merely living in survival mode. Getting up, going to work, talking with friends, and the day to day ritualistic things. But when we thrive we tap into a higher self, higher thoughts, and higher abilities. I know I’m making it sound simple and it honestly is not an easy process. However, with hard work and commitment you are able to bring yourself to this space.

Thriving Through Healing Energy

In the form of activity, self-healing can be done in various ways such as relaxation through breathing; contemplation with meditation or yoga, and creating positive emotions that will have an impact on the emergence of endorphins or often called 'happy hormones'.

What is the purpose of healing?

Healing has been defined as “the process of bringing together aspects of one's self, body-mind-spirit, at deeper levels of inner knowing, leading toward integration and balance with each aspect having equal importance and value

Five Stages Of Healing

  • Stage One: Grief And Denial.

  • Stage Two: Anger.

  • Stage Three: Bargaining.

  • Stage Four: Depression.

  • Stage Five: Acceptance

Emotional Healing

  • Acceptance of experiencing difficult life situations and no denial of the same.

  • Ability to feel emotions guiding towards self-evolvement.

  • Not being scared and not getting upset easily.

  • Soaking in the disappointments with ease and flexibility.

Definition of divine healing

Healing is attributed to the direct agency of God usually in response to faith.

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