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by Kerri Ann Knight ~ Brand Ambassador

When I think of Queen Royalty Chosen, I think of a woman that is special, unique, powerful and fearfully wonderfully selected. She is marked for favor. Every woman is a queen in her own right. Some recognizes their queendom while others are still in a search of finding their inner royalty. To aid in this quest, one has to work on their mindset and the limiting beliefs they hold about themselves. They have to discover their royalty from within. To have a Queen Royalty Chosen mindset, I believe you have to align yourself with empowerment, inspiration and other Queens that can pour words of life and affirmation into you. When you have that mindset shift, you will walk, talk and act like royalty.

Queen Royalty Chosen is a unique, phenomenal and fearless woman marked by favor. It’s a woman who have owned her truth and understands her true essence. She truly knows her worth. She loves herself-mind, body, soul and do not allow anyone to dictate her being. She has guarded her mind from the lies and negativity of those around her that says “you are not good enough”, you will never amount to anything”. She is Queen Royalty Chosen not because someone approved of her, but it is because she approves of herself. She understands that knowing who she is, brings her closer to owning her power and her crown.

Queen Royalty Chosen truly understands her role as a leader, a role model, a nurturer and has taken her place in this world. She is the epitome of strength. She is not afraid to make mistakes. She learns and grows from her experience. She is relentless and not afraid to undertake what life may throw at her as she undertakes every challenge with grace and poise. She is Queen Royalty Chosen because she is resilient; despite every pain, heartache, betrayal, and struggle she faces, she gets up every morning, put on her crown and face the world with her head held high and a smile on her face.

Now, look yourself in the mirror and say it out loud; I am “QUEEN ROYALTY CHOSEN”!!!

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