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Is Change Really Difficult?

We begin every year with resolutions, promises to ourselves to become better, to do better overall. Whether it be physical health, spiritual health or finances, we make lists and vow that we will improve in these areas. Self Growth requires discipline. At around the three month mark we feel defeated. What Makes Change Difficult? There are several factors that affect our ability to change. Change, Fatigue, Fear of Success, Fear of Failure, Actual history and Growth mindset versus a fixed mindset are some of the things that make change difficult.

We can do several things along the way to manage change. First, we can acknowledge it. By first stating that we want to change opens the door to possibilities. We must then accept that we want to change a particular attribute. If we look at our surroundings, does our environment support this change? Can we loose 20 pounds by living in a donut shop? Probably not. Take a deep look at your internal strengths and things that can make change possible. Identify your internal support. What are the things that you have said to yourself in the past in order to push through with a challenging tasks. True self reflection is required. You will need to become aware of your narrative. What are you saying to yourself about this thing? Do you truly believe that you can change this thing? Start with creating new small habits toward this change. Most changes are multilayered and complex. Compartmentalize this thing, and then create small attainable steps. Be kind and love yourself. Positive self talk is important to increase motivation and drive. Do not beat yourself up about your lack of progress in the past. Instead, rate a new narrative surrounding this task. Grieve over what needs to be released. Then release it. Change does not happen overnight, but is a gradual and continual process. Take a look at your small steps and celebrate these small wins. Pat yourself on the back, be your own cheer leader. Change is manageable if we believe.

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