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Law of Manifestation

  1. Visualization.

  2. Stay Focused on Your Goals.

  3. Say Your Affirmations.

  4. Reading Materials on Law of Attraction.

  5. Meditation.

  6. Be Kind to Yourself and Others.

  7. Spread the Positive Energy.

  8. Reflect on Your Progress.

The Law of Attraction and Law of Manifestation are closely weaved together. In a nutshell what you think about you attract. If your thoughts are so powerful we can look at the things we do not have and understand that we have the ability to manifest these things into our lives. It may take us doing something different from what we are accustomed to.

Let's give it a try, The energy around your intentions are very important. Understanding why you want this particular thing and your underlying thoughts, feelings emotions surrounding this particular thing. If you want to manifest money but then believe at your core that money is bad, you are going to have great obstacles in actually manifesting money, or you will manifest it and not be able to keep it. This cognitive behavioral approach of thinking requires honesty and a bit of work.

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