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Melanin Poppin

Your melanin is poppin. Have you ever heard this term and wondered what it means or even where it came from? We'll let me help you out and If you are familiar with this term of endearment let me give you some more insight on it. A deep brown to black pigment occurring in the hair, skin, and iris of the eye in people and animals. It is responsible for tanning of skin exposed to sunlight. Poppin is a slang term for that's wassup. In the recent years, our black people have started this new trend saying our black people “Melanin is Poppin.” Melanin Poppin is a form of coolness, empowerment, pride, and excitement of black people. . You can see women all over social media, and in fact even in person commenting and shouting “yasss girl, melanin poppin!.” This phrase has helped a group of people to not only realize that dark skin or brown skin is not “bad,” ugly, or “dirty,” but that it is beautiful and should be embraced, shared, and celebrated. There is a song that highlights the celebration and positivity of the term melanin is poppin .The song is called melanin is poppin by khrystal on YouTube. That song will have such a positive effect on how you view your skin. Melanin is poppin is a term that is important because we need to embrace of blackness, especially our black skin. As black people we need to embrace our Blackness and who we are. Take pride in our differences and give Blackness a positive meaning and association to it. Every time people hear us talking about “Blackness” does not mean a negative connotation should follow. Love the skin you are in, the hair you have and the culture you come from. As black people we were treated poorly because of our skin. We need to be proud and embrace it being black should not be something people looked down upon and a reason to change yourself to fit into this world. For example, in the beauty community people are bleaching their skin to fit in instead of being proud of who they are and embracing their beautiful b

lack skin. Black is beautiful. “black is beautiful” is also a term referred to a broad embrace of black culture and identity. It called for an appreciation of the black past as a worthy legacy, and it inspired cultural pride in contemporary of black achievements. Black women possess a distinct strength, versatility, and boundless beauty. Our natural hair, our melanated skin, our full lips and bodies, and our unique style, are just a few of the beautiful and unique characteristics that set us apart. I am going to leave you with a poem.

I Am the Black Child

I am special, ridicule cannot sway me

I am strong, obstacles cannot stop me

I hold my head high, proudly proclaiming my uniqueness

I hold my pace, continuing forward through adversity

I am proud of my heritage

I am confident that I can achieve my every goal.

I am becoming all that I can be

I am the Black Child, I am a Child of God

By Mychal Wynn

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