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Motivational Affirmations

Have you ever woken up not feeling like yourself or just not feeling as powerful as you should? Try turning to affirmations. After hearing what affirmations are and what they can do for you they will become your best friend. The great thing about affirmations is that you can take them anywhere hints the reason for being referred to as a best friend. Affirmations are simple, short and extremely powerful words. When you say them out loud, think them or even hear them they become thoughts that create reality. There are so many thoughts that cross your mind each day and for alt of people majority of those thoughts are negative ones. Reversing those thoughts can be as simple as saying affirmations every day. The power in affirmations is that they affect your conscious and subconscious mind so they can affect your behavior, thinking patterns, habits and even your environment. They will motivate and  inspire you; help you become more focus and encourage you to take more action and to realize your goals. How to use affirmatios you asked well its very simple come up with at least 13 positive things you say about yourself and they should start with I am. For example, I am powerful, I am strong, I am successful etc. you should say your affirmations 2x a day, start in the morning as soon as you wake up. this will ensure you have a positive start to your day. You want to bring in more positive’s then negatives. The second time you should say your affirmations is before you close your eyes for the day. This will ensure that you have positive thoughts on your way to bed. Make sure when you say them you are sounding confident, that you are believing what you say. Saying them in the mirror looking at yourself can help an extreme amount, look at yourself believe in your words pour the positive right into yourself. You need to wear the positivity you are pouring into yourself and I have the perfect way to coincide with your affirmations. Have you heard of DesignsbyTee positive tee line? They have positive tees that are faith based, socially conscious and motivating. Wearing a positive t shirt gives you a desire to have a positive attitude and it also helps to share a positive attitude with the world around you. It may inspire other people who are having a bad day to become more positive. T shirts are a versatile and comfortable form of self-expression. I’m sure there are days when you were getting dressed and you immediately felt down looking at your clothes. Why not turn to your uplifting tee that tells you to be positive and be comfortable at the same time. Don’t think they are only comfortable and positive they are also extremely cute and fashionable. They can be styled in so many ways and can be worn with almost anything. A cute inspiring t-shirt can make all the difference in yourself and the others around you.

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