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Overcome Stress with Positivity

Positivity is an emotional and mental attitude that is focused on the good. It expects results that will always benefit you. Positivity is a mindset that employs gratitude and optimism. Living knowing that what we are doing is good and beneficial. Looking beyond our current situation and circumstance knowing that things will plan out. Positivity even on our most stressful day requires cognitive reframing. This tool is important to manifest optimal thoughts and reduce tension and stress. When you are positive even in a stressful situation you are mindful of the greater good. You are present. You employ the fact that your current situation is changeable and can be modified by first your thoughts and then by your actions.

Positivity gives you the fuel to implement an action plan for further stress reduction. It may mean a self care day, reducing tasks, delegating tasks, or taking part in a physical activity.

Positivity employs hope. Positivity is such an important tool. What tools are you keeping in your toolbox to get through a difficult situation, thought or circumstance? Working full time, raising a 9 year old and entrepreneurship presents with many challenges. The most important tool I believe I have in my toolbox is Positivity. How can positivity reduce stress?

Designs by Tee is committed to the notion of Mental Wellness in all areas of ones life.

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