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Power of Our Words

The words we speak are life. They are very powerful. In the past week I have had 2 different opportunities to speak on the Power of Words. The first opportunity I was a panelist on Unbothered and Unstuck. We spoke at length of the state of Black America and the power of our words. Words are singularly the most powerful force to humans. Words of encouragement can be beneficial and words can also be destructive and cause despair. Words are energy. Words can heal. Words can be calming as well as humbling. Whatever we think is projected into our tone and impacts our choice of words. Gary Chapman says words are either bullets or seeds.

So the second opportunity I had was speak to my church on behalf of our Sunday School on Father’s Day via zoom. The highlight of what I had to say really resonated with me long after my 20 minute spiel.

I spoke on the power of a father and that his role should reflect Christ’s relationship with the church. Now now, I’m not a bible scholar but I thought that was like the deepest and ultimate form of love. Like he straight set an example and when sitting with his disciples he schooled them and taught them how to live and love. So we have the blue print.

So to circle back to present day. Our words should be like Christ. I founded this T-shirt line on that deep rooted belief that we should speak positive words and it should motivate others. For me this is living in my true purpose. I shared with the panelists that my report cards always said "Tamara is a distraction to others|, “Tamara talks in class”. My mom always had to tell me to shut up in class and pay attention. What I think is ironic is that my entire career and deals with words. I speak to patients, I speak to youth, I speak to medical professionals, I speak to students. I understand the power of my words and also use it as a conduit for advocacy and empowerment. I’m no charmer but continuously love word play. My T-shirt designs always stems from a conversation and a word or an image that resonated with me.

The words we speak are life. Make sure its truth! Make it Positive & Motivating


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