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Queen, 3 Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts

Royalty is the essence of an internal process. If you are waking up every day with a sense of dread and disconnect with life- because you are not where you want to be in life, working a job you don’t like, or feel like you are just existing- you are definitely not tapped into that essence. The good news is how you see things is based on how you think about it. What we say to ourselves, or about ourselves, can stop us from seeing the queen within.  These negative, fear-based stories we entertain tend to sabotage progress and doesn’t just keep you stuck, but safe. Change is uncomfortable, and that unknown can produce a great deal of anxiety for women making it easier to stay in the soul sucking routine because it’s that much harder to overcome negativity.  

What holds us back?   

We are all influenced by our early life stories and interactions with this world. Based on those experiences we’ve made up our minds about what is safe, what is ok, who we should be and what we are capable off. It shows up as a lack of confidence, overextending yourself, and poor self-worth- the opposite of royalty. Changing your mindset means letting go of the story you’ve been telling yourself and skillfully reframing those thoughts and beliefs to adopt new ones and create a new reality.

So, can I change this?

Remember, change can be uncomfortable. Are you ready for it? You must be willing to give up this investment in fear, it’s no longer serving you.  The work to shift your mindset is what I regularly do as a mindset coach for women in business and ambitious entrepreneurs who want to walk like royalty, overcome negativity and embrace their potential. It does take a new type of learning and support, but it is possible to get out of your own way and shift your mindset. 

You have way too much to give to keep reciting the same story and I do believe you are ready.

Steps to Embrace Your Royalty:

1. When you find yourself upset (scared, angry, nervous, anxious, sad), ask yourself what am I thinking? Is this thought helping me or holding me back? Start making a list of the unhelpful thoughts and see what the story tells you. Is it telling you its time for change, you are uncomfortable, vulnerable, but you still ready? See what comes up for you. See what you can challenge and change or decipher.

2. Set goals and set plans. Since the unknown is scary and can trigger that retreat reaction and feelings of incompetence or imposer syndrome (in addition to thoughts like I’m not good enough), plan for that. Like a true queen start with a strategy that includes a solid plan and goals. Have a few smaller goals that are attainable to build your self-confidence. You can do this on a daily level -- thinking through how you’ll respond to situations, people and circumstances.

3. Do three things today that move you towards the life you want. I always want my clients to not just talk about it but do the work. I want you to set a timer for 10 minutes and list as many things you could do to move you forward. Even if it seems way out there, get it on paper. Then each day look at what is one thing I can do, or ok 3 things I can do or tackle on this list that will take me a few steps closer to what I want.

By doing all this, you can adjust your crown, take control of your life and show up as the Queen you are.

Amanda Fludd, LCSW-R, is a therapist and Mindset Coach. If you are feeling stuck and can’t seem to make the changes you know you need to make or are in the process of leveling up but self-confidence and mindset is an issue, you should connect: She’s designed a plan that includes action-oriented steps that can help you walk in your potential and live the life you want.

Learn more at:

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