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Queen Mother Fierce Warrior

Mental Health and Empowerment of African-American Women.

The single black mother has a lot of responsibility. She works hard, sometimes taking two jobs to raise the kids and give them a valuable education. It is this resilience that makes them unique and adoring. Black women face a lot of domestic violence and instances of racial crimes. This is leading to the creation of mental barriers that harm their personal and professional development. You might have been a victim of racial stereotyping, worse a victim of a hate crime. But your strength to stand up to the injustice in the world is what makes the difference.

Rise in Mental Health Conditions:

Research shows that anxiety disorders are more common in African American women compared to white women. How do black women perceive our medical conditions such as anxiety disorders and PTSD in ourselves while leading our everyday lives? Empowerment matters and that is the reason I created a T-Shirt business. The young black woman is the typical Queen mother fierce warrior when she is working relentlessly to make both ends meet.

The Road to Empowerment:

We face a lot of pressure to work hard in college or in a job. In the majority of the cases we need to work twice hard to achieve as much as half of other students and employees. This creates some distressing obstacle in our early twenties and can lead to psychological conditions. This, in turn, will stunt our professional careers. If you are a victim of psychological abuse then you are more prone to be poor.

Entrepreneurs like me try to support businesses which try to create a positive impact on society. We’re running a T-shirt business and the latest design is “Queen Mother Fierce warrior”. The underlying message I want to project is the extraordinary grit and courage of young black women who have to endure a lot in this world.

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