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Unapologetically Black

The historical landscape of African Americanss who were the inhabitants of America has taken numerous dimensions over time. History, however, documented a particular phrase of a famous singer in the 1960s, James Brown and it goes thus “Say It Loud, I’m Black, and I’m Proud.” And since that time, the Blacks have been trying every available means to stand out positively in all live endeavors.

Well, you may begin to wonder why the term “Unapologetically Black” came from America. However, history reveals that citizens of America were undergoing the height of the Civil Rights Movement. So, in the quest to uplift people from social strife, James Brown released the song.

The term “Unapologetically Black” came into limelight because we find ourselves shot down especially whenever we tend to show a sense of pride. This implies that no one would feel like coming out of the wood-work whenever there are negative consequences. For instance, in cases of extreme crime, single parenthood, and extreme poverty, no one would have any solution to ameliorate any of these conditions.

However, in such cases, Black People tends to find ways to galvanize these issues. Of course, the Blacks will be labeled as being separate. Hence, one needs to know that poverty isn’t the issue of Blacks alone but the issue of everyone.

Being Unapologetically Black also means that in every hard time, you are still going back to your race. Sometimes, you would find yourself in situations whereby you are one in number whether it is a social event, a meeting or even a classroom. Whatever comes up at such gathering, you would have to defend not yourself alone but your entire ethnicity. Obviously, you can never tell the number of times you have found yourself on the offensive side to defend yourself especially on issues relating to social profiling. Whether you believe it or not, not all blacks are poor, and not all black are orphans. Such cases will almost drive you insane when people behave as if they do not have brains at all.

Thirdly, Being Unapologetically Black means you are not black during the black history months alone, you are black no matter the situation you find yourself. People who are not of similar color as yours tends to forget to hold on to that whenever other people are in the same room with them. They tend to utter offensive statements and statements that lack factual evidence and even far from the truth.

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