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What does it mean to be your authentic self?

Many of us are living our lives with self sabotaging thoughts which causes us to live in the shadow of others. As a result, we stay in toxic situations, not set high goals and expectations for ourselves, make poor choices in spouses, friendships, career, finance and much more. We care so much about what others think that we loose self, we loose sight of our identity and not live our fullest potential and be our authentic self; we simply hide behind a mask. We wear a mask to fit in, feel a sense of belonging or even to protect ourselves; Some of the masks we wear can be situational or emotional. Some may argue the point that wearing a mask is a way of setting boundaries and protecting oneself from those around them with bad intentions or motives. While this may be true, these boundaries can sometimes grow into brick walls that can be difficult to break through. Generally, one should not allow others to dictate their being or control the daily choices they make. So what does it really mean to be your authentic self? It is removing the situational and emotional masks we often wear. It is showing up and being real. It is letting your true self shine. It’s being “unapologetically you” no matter who you are with or where you are. It means unleashing that inner power within you. Is it easy to be your authentic self? Absolutely not. It takes courage, consistency and confidence... one day at a time.

By Keri Ann Knight (Brand Ambassador)

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