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What is Mental Wellness? Are you Mentally Fit?

There is a great deal of ignorance surrounding mental illness and mental wellness. Wellness seems to be the new buzz word. Well what’s mental wellness? To be mentally well is to function at your most optimal level of emotional and behavioral capacity. Optimal? Yes optimal. For one individual their level of functioning may not be the same as another's. Let’s first focus on the internal state of being. How do individuals achieve mental wellbeing?

By learning practical interpersonal skills we can achieve excellent mental wellness. These skills will enable us to find integrating life and work much easier. We will be able to lead and control our thoughts and emotions. It’s all about balance. What we think affects how we feel, it also affects how we react to the external environment. Strengthening our inner self permits us resiliency in stressful life situations.

There are evidence based exercises and or proven methods to keep your mind sharp. You can play with jigsaw puzzles, play cards, work on your vocabulary, dance, utilize your senses, teach someone a skill, learn a new skill, as well as listen to and or play music. We can focus on securing excellent mental wellness by firstly having inner silence and peace. For many of us this mindfulness exercise is probably one of the most difficulty things to do.

There are three things that you can master on a daily basis that will definitely positively impact your mental wellness. You should be monitoring your patterns that create difficult emotions and negative moods. Utilizing techniques to regulate overwhelming emotions and thoughts when they arise. Resolve patterns that negatively impede from building new positive experiences or moods.

What’s in your tool box? What skills and interventions are you working on?

It’s not always as easy as reading an article and utilizing the information independently. Some of us need a bit more support and guiding through these rough times. That is okay too. Whatever is needed for you to have a healthy mind, seek more of that?

It’s okay if you are struggling with finding healthy ways to build your mental wellness. There is support for you.

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