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What's Grace?

Grace teaches us. The spirit of grace instructs us from the inside. It gives us an inner peace within our selves.

When the grace of God is upon your life, you receive special favors out of the ordinary. You are compassed about as with a shield. Everything suddenly starts to work in your favor.

When you think that you have failed the test of life, suddenly you find yourself walking in divine grace, which is unmerited favor. You do not have to act unseemly for people to notice that you are in a room. When you are there your there, grace puts you in a different state of mind. It takes you to a higher calling beyond yourself. Grace lets you know that your divine presence is welcomed anywhere and everywhere.

Grace goes hand in hand with humility. Humility loves obscurity. Grace allows us to walk in dignity, integrity and to show mercy to others.

When we have come to a place where we feel that we have done wrong and there is no mercy and pardon for us, grace restores us again.

So tune into the Spirit of grace and you will be on your way to success..

Author: Minister Patricia L. Phillip

(Mother of Chief Creative Officer)

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