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Worthy by Nikki

Hello, My Name is Nikki.

Let me share my Worthy story with you.

Worthy By Nikki is inspired by childhood memories shared with my mother as she prepared to glam up for a night out on the town. When the sun went down, I would rush to the foot of her bed and watch her transform into the most ravishing woman. She would begin to create an entire production of music, candles, fragrances, cosmetics, one of her favorite ladylike above the knee dresses, and more fragrances.

The aroma in the atmosphere was filled with layers of rich indulgent intoxicating fragrances that demanded and evoked attention. My mother has always had the ability to make beauty, class, and elegance look and smell effortless, I was fascinated.

I can vividly remember the smell of pure luxury in the air. The scents were extraordinary. Romantic notes mysteriously meet in perfect harmony. Gentle but persistent, the powerful fragrances offered unexpected captivating, irresistible, delicious, and sophisticated escapes to unthinkable places. During those memorable moments, she shared a lifetime of valuable teaching about the importance of the development of a mature woman, embracing independence, loving myself, being truly comfortable

in my own skin, owning my confidence, how to respect myself, eliminating fear and teaching others how to treat me. Her message was clear the I was loved, capable, valuable, WORTHY and DESERVING of the best in every area of my life.

My personal message to you is, always know that you are WORTHY.

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